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Kyl21’s new geometric popsicles

April 26, 2016
Luis Concepción
Kyl21’s new geometric popsicles

After bursting into 2013 with a revolutionary geometric popsicle concept and launching his vegan line in 2015, David Marx and his Kyl21 team are preparing the launch of imaginative new designs and more evolved shapes for popsicles. While David Marx, who is from Germany, plans to open the first two ice cream shops specialized in this type of popsicles in Ibiza (Spain) and Berlin and which will have a futuristic design in tune with the product, he unleashes his imagination with the design of new futuristic and spherical popsicle model. What you see in the photo is a computer design, not the picture of the actual ice cream. One of the prototypes will be covered in white chocolate and be named Bubbles, and a second one will be in the shape of a pineapple.

The motto is still to provide quality in recipes, inspired by the latest trends in haute cuisine, precision based on design language, and a creamy texture thanks to liquid nitrogen.

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interior popsicle by David Marx