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Jean-Paul Hévin welcomes the Year of the Monkey

Jean-Paul Hévin

January 18, 2016
Ana Rodríguez
Jean-Paul Hévin
Jean-Paul Hévin welcomes the Year of the Monkey

To welcome 2016, the Year of the Monkey according to the Chinese horoscope, Jean-Paul Hévin presents a limited collection of premium artisan chocolates in Hong Kong, from gold ingots to a personalized bonbon, symbolizing health, wealth, and good fortune.

The gold ingots are in a creamy praline of Spanish almonds and hazelnuts from Piedmont in Italy, coated with milk chocolate and which can be purchased individually or integrated into a “Red Packet”, a box of five pieces that can be customized to individual taste with any combination of his treats such as Mendiants, Orangettes, Pearls, Almonds, and Palets.

For those who want a year of wealth, Hévin has created a limited edition bonbon, filled with dark chocolate ganache and kumquat puree of the season’s favorite fruit, coated with dark chocolate, and adorned with gold glitter.

The celebrated chocolatier also adds a festive twist to his trademark macaroons, voted “Best Macaroon in Paris”, with bi-colored yellow and brown Macaroon Kumquat of milk chocolate ganache and kumquat puree. And for a surprising gift, the Boîte Fortune, a gift box with selections from the collection which are packaged with a symbolic fish design, and which is an indispensable component of Chinese New Year dinner celebrations.

Bombon, macaron and gold ingots
Bonbon Blissful, gold ingots and macaron Kumquat
Boîte Fortune of Jean-Paul Hévin
Boîte Fortune