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Evocative éclairs by the hand of Alain Chartier

September 15, 2016
Luis Concepción
Evocative éclairs by the hand of Alain Chartier

This summer, the MOF Glacier, owner of ice cream parlors in Brittany, Alain Chartier, once again surprises with original ice cream formats, inspired by pastry specialties. One of its star launches this summer season has been the new collection of ice cream éclairs.

The new series of ice cream éclairs is a walk through some of the products and pastry specialties whose flavors are used in ice cream and pastry creations, as is the case of the pomegranate, a sorbet made with a high pulp content of this fruit.

Mojito sorbet
Mojito sorbet © studio FUN IMAGES

Some of the most important references are the Tiramisu, the éclair called Energy (raspberry sorbet), Nostalgia (pomegranate sorbet, Tahitian vanilla ice cream and caramelized hazelnut pieces) and kouign-aman (caramel ice cream, whipped organic Madagascan vanilla cream, crêpe dentelle chips and choux pastry cookie). This last éclair is reminiscent of the traditional Breton kouig-aman, a kind of bread puff pastry with sugar and butter.

Moreover, Chartier has prepared an exquisite mojito sorbet made from Venezuelan Pampero rum, a liquor of great prestige. This is a new version of their mojito sorbet.