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Diego Crosara takes a new step in mignon patisserie

June 17, 2015
Luis Concepción
Diego Crosara takes a new step in mignon patisserie

In 2011 with the book Mignon, Diego Crosara decided to test his whole professional experience in one of the most complicated forms of patisserie, the mono-portion or pastry mignon. In these miniature architectures is where Crosara is swayed by passion and proves his worth. The Italian chef shows one of the lesser-known faces of the trade and raises it up to the same level as other large crafts, since micro-patisserie also requires the same artistic sense as there may be in jewelry-making and even precision watch making.

Mignon Salati. Book Diego CrosaraNow he returns to work with the publisher, Italian Gourmet, to give minipatisserie a new perspective with the launch of Mignon Salati. This time he faces one more challenge: not just a matter of precision and meticulousness, it is also about giving new life to everything that can be included within pastry in a small, savory format. Up to 60 imaginative recipes, including appetizers, canapés, mini-macaroons and other creations, which can be used in banquets, buffets and catering. They are innovative proposals that take a new step in combining sweet and savory elements, a concept that has some trajectory in Italy (dolce salato). According to the author, this opens “a new world” to go beyond the usual associations.

In addition, the five senses are used as a common thread, being the basic organs of “our relationship with the world,” he says. It is an original way to structure the contents and distribute the creations in terms of the sense which stands out the most in one’s perception. But the author is not satisfied with exploring the senses in search of mignon patisserie’s renewal. He tells us something else with this book: “It reaches a seventh and an eighth (sense), aesthetics and marketing, buzz words in contemporary pastry”.

Roberto Sammartini, who was also a traveling companion in the book Mignon, includes sophisticated photographs to perfectly reflect the author’s intentions: the attention to detail and perfection of form.

Title: Mignon Salati

Diego Crosara

256 pages

Language Italian

69 euros