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Cyril Prud’homme makes a claim for Ecuadorian chocolate

Couvertures and Chocolate

April 7, 2015
Luis Concepción
Couvertures and Chocolate
Cyril Prud’homme makes a claim for Ecuadorian chocolate

Cyril Prud’homme’s debut, Glamour Sucré, intended to make his mark in the great Latin American public. His book, Chocolat by Cyril, makes a claim for Ecuadorian cacao. Beyond his passion for chocolate, Prud’homme invites one to travel through the fascinating world of chocolate and chocolate-based pastry. Specializing in sweet cuisine and an expert chocolatier, Chocolat by Cyril “is the first and indispensable step so that Ecuador becomes the country of chocolate and of high end chocolate-making, with important technical information for both consumers and professionals”, says Prud’homme.

The book is divided into 3 chapters. The first is of a theoretical character, giving way to recipes for bonbons, truffles, mendiants, florentines, and rocks, among others. The second chapter focuses on hot chocolates, with both modern and classic recipes. The third chapter is devoted to chocolate pastry. Creams and mousses, cakes and pastries, hot preparations, jams, spreadable cream, fondue, guimauve, cookies, pies, cups, etcetera are also gathered in its pages. To finish the book, he goes over a series of “frequently asked questions”, which will allow a better understanding of chocolate, its use and its virtues.

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