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Brian Campbell and his “Miann” come true

November 30, 2015
Jaume Cot
Brian Campbell and his “Miann” come true

Miann in Gaelic means “to desire” and is also the name of Brian Campbell’s (So Good #14) new pastry shop opened a few days ago. After a long period offering his pastry through the concept of pop-up restaurants, he leaves the road to settle in the CBD of Auckland (New Zealand) where his intention is to offer a wide range of pastry, chocolate and Italian gelato to take away in addition to keeping his predilection for Sweet Cuisine with a weekly menu of four sweet proposals.

We can’t hide it, we are very happy for Brian and Roselle Campbell at the start of their new sweet adventure, Miann. Its culinary vision, sensitivity for local products and versatility in offering a wide range of sweet proposals is helping them get the public in their pocket. From chocolates and candies, to gelato cake and gelato stick, macaroons, petit gateaux and even their own non-alcoholic fermented drinks, Miann is intended to satisfy a wide range of “desires”. The shop is finished in a palette of dark tones that make the premises a very pleasant space, especially at night. Three cabinets imported from Italy serve to exhibit all the fresh takeaways products.

Additionally, Brian Campbell has added such important people the likes of Hieu Ho for chocolate or Justin Lee, who won an award to spend three months alongside Antonio Bachour. The production crew is completed by the young Lee Sneddon and Japanese chef Norie Saito. If all goes well, Brian’s intention is to open a second shop in a relatively short time, even though they do not want to grow too much so as to be able to handle the entire business.