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Bellanger extends itself in Le Mans

Chocolaterie Bellanger

October 24, 2017
Ana Rodríguez
Chocolaterie Bellanger
Bellanger extends itself in Le Mans

The Chocolaterie Bellanger will open a new 80 m2 shop before Christmas at 2 r (France), adding to the three shops with which the chocolate factory already had, two in Le Mans and one in the neighboring Tours.

The manager, Vianney Bellanger, has entrusted the design to the agency La Taupe to achieve a point of sale in which to breathe in tradition and modernity in equal parts, and which reflects the six values ​​that characterize the company: excellence, authenticity, reactivity, creativity, team spirit and loyalty.

To show excellence and authenticity, noble materials such as rough wood or mosaics will be used, as well as antique and refurbished furniture and fixtures. Creativity will be reflected in two spaces, in the chocolate and pastry, which you can freely browse. In addition, an area of ​​the store will be devoted to the collection of orders to avoid the long lines at Christmas, thus encouraging reactivity.

New shop design drawings.