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Bart Ardijns explores the possibilities of signature desserts

July 14, 2017
Ana Rodríguez
Bart Ardijns explores the possibilities of signature desserts

The skill of the Belgian pastry chef Bart Ardijns is revealed in the book, 40 amazing desserts. The book includes precise descriptions of the recipes and techniques used with the intention that professionals and amateurs can equally carry them out with guarantees.

40 different creations among which we find 15 classic pieces (such as the dame blanche, or the well-loved flan caramel) in creative formats, 20 original desserts in which different textures, colors, ingredients, and presentations come into play, and a small selection of allergen-free sweets.

Ardijns, who won the first prize and the originality award at the Europa Georges Boute challenge trophy competition and worked for court patisserie Wittamer in Brussels, has taught pastry-chocolate decoration for the past 20 years at the prestigious Ter Groene Poort gastronomic school in Bruges.