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A new website to better respond to the needs of the professional pastry chef

A new website to better respond to the needs of the professional pastry chef
November 13, 2013

At So Good.. magazine we demand the best, whether in printed form or online. That is why we have worked intensely hard to develop a new website that responds even better to the needs of the pastry professional.

As you well know, the Internet is full of information about specific subjects. However, almost all of its contents regarding a sector as specific as high quality professional pastry are either poorly presented or insufficiently detailed. With this website that we are now launching, our challenge is to offer the sector consistent and up-to-date content from the best sources, that is rigourously researched and that is selected according to professional criteria.

On the new website of So Good.. not only will you get to know in depth the contents of each one of our magazines. You will also find a catalogue of feature articles about the most important international competitions, most relevant news, stunning videos and important new developments and products. Moreover, we have enriched the website with detailed information about the prestigious international schools, with current profiles of the chefs who collaborate with us in our magazines, and with a selection of recipes of great professional interest.

So, as we launch ourselves into a new phase, we hope we can continue to rely on your support.