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So good #30 editorial. Thirty somethings

so good #30

July 12, 2023
Alberto Ruiz
so good #30

It is not a magazine, nor is it a book, not even a recipe book. It is not an album, or a catalog, or a notebook. It is just so good.. and with this one we hit 30. According to numerology, which we don’t believe in no matter how much it coincides with what may be good for us at any given moment, the number 30 represents creative, optimistic, imaginative and positive energy. It is pure coincidence, but from so good.. magazine we have always encouraged the creative and imaginative spirit of pastry chefs and we have shown, with optimism, our confidence in the future of a profession not always sufficiently recognized.

It is no coincidence that the vast majority of the collaborators involved in this very special so good.. magazine are in their 30s – our own thirtysomething pastry chefs. It is precisely when the age of 30s is reached that creative impulsivity can be tempered, when a part of the road has already been covered -allowing us to accumulate some experience-, and when values such as contributing and sharing begin to be appreciated. These are the years, within a professional career, of consolidation, of reaffirmation and of a more calm and reasoned effervescence, which yields fruits as juicy as the ones we gather in these pages.

Numbers aside, let us show our satisfaction at seeing that our publication is now known on five continents, that we have the respect of thousands and thousands of readers from different cultures and that we can contribute to giving visibility to a profession that proudly claims its role at the top of gastronomy.

We also took advantage of this issue to introduce some changes in the design of the magazine, with the aim of slightly refreshing its look without losing, quite the opposite, its style and personality. While you enjoy the creations and reflections of the fantastic thirtysomethings we have gathered in these pages, we are already working on so good.. magazine #31, an issue that will surely cause all kinds of reactions, except indifference.

So good magazine 30

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