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> > Fino de Aroma cocoa from Peru to the world

Fino de Aroma cocoa from Peru to the world

Fino de Aroma cocoa from Peru to the world

The cocoa produced in the region of St. Martin near the rainforest of Pomabamba in Peru was granted an award for the best world aroma at the Salon du chocolate in Paris. This has led to the region to be consolidated as a cocoa exporting region and to the implementation of a process to search for new markets.
The area where this cocoa is cultivated is located in northeastern Peru in a tropical rainforest with high temperatures. The areas where the coca grows best are bet the valleys of the rivers Sisa, Mayo and Huallaga. The producers are people from the area itself and others who came from the mountains and who have been colonizing the forest with production areas of between 0,5 and 2 hectares on average. Other crops grown in the area are corn, coffee, rice, banana, cotton, peanut and yucca.
Each month, CasaLuker buys about 280 tons of cocoa through 3 purchase offices located in the cities of Tarapoto, Juanjui and Tocache. A portion of cocoa beans is sold in 5 kg presentation for bean to bar makers, other part is used to produce the dark chocolate couverture Peru 72%, a chocolate that reflects a perfect balance of bitter notes and subtle sweet tones. Its fruity notes, subtle acid and citric flavours attribute an unmistakable personality to this dark chocolate. It melts easily in the mouth leaving an exquisite creamy mild sensation.
CasaLuker chose this country because it is recognized worldwide for the quality of its cocoa and because it can support farmers in the area with its great technical knowledge and experience gained in over 110 years in Colombia.

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