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Chocolate mousse with violet Maldon salt by Mario Sandoval

April 8, 2016
Chocolate mousse with violet Maldon salt by Mario Sandoval
Chocolate mousse with violet Maldon: violet Maldon salt, mint and chocolate crémeux, chocolate and violet ice cream core, dry cocoa cake, brightening bath.

mario-sandovalSalt can be used for much more than is thought, it can even be used in the world of desserts. Mario Sandoval, chef of the Spanish restaurant Coque (2 Michelin stars), has studied the possibilities offered by Maldon salt, creating a colorful and interesting range of flavored salts which he then applied to a full menu that finishes with a bang with the right mix of chocolate, mint and violet. As Mario Sandoval himself explains, “we season a chocolate dessert with Maldon salt, providing new nuances to the palate”.

Different types of flavored salts

To demonstrate the versatility of this sea salt, Sandoval has worked with nearly a dozen references, including tomato salt, carrot salt, mint salt, polyphenol salt and smoked salt. These are very different organoleptically and also visually, delivering gustatory and visual nuances that are as surprising as they are interesting.

Below we show the most suitable ways for using these salts in pastry and how to make them.

    • Citrus salt
      This salt is yellow. It is the result of grated lemon and orange zest which is then mixed with the salt, being careful not to break the crystals. With the humidity of the zest, the salt acquires its color. Before using it, it must be allowed to dry on a warming table at 40ºC for 12 hours. This salt is used in the process of salting sardines which are then paired with guacamole.
    • Raspberry salt
      Its intense red color anticipates the power of its aroma. As with the tomato salt, slightly damp salt is added to the freeze-dried fruit, mixed well, and allowed to dry for 12 hours.
    • Violet salt
      The intense white of Maldon salt remains, surprising the senses with its floral and fresh touch. To achieve this, Mario Sandoval sprays the salt with violet, then drying it on a warming table at 40ºC for 12 hours. In this case, the scent of this salt provides contrast and freshness to a chocolate dessert, made up of a Guanaja crémeux, a Manjari and violet core, and a dry cocoa cake.
    • Cinnamon salt
      This tan-colored salt stands out for its strong aromatic taste. After crushing the cinnamon, it is mixed with the salt, letting it sit and dry.

Chocolate mousse with violet Maldon salt

mousse chocolate Sal Maldon

violet Maldon salt

      • c.s. Maldon salt
      • c.s. violet water

Spray the salt with violet water and let dry on a warming table at 40ºC for 12 hours.

mint and chocolate crémeux

      • 150 g krona cream
      • 350 g mint puree
      • 100 g egg yolk
      • 50 g sugar
      • 210 g Guanaja chocolate
      • 10 g violet Maldon salt
      • 25 g armagnac

Cook all the liquids with the sugar and Maldon salt at 85°C. Freshen the yolks with cold water and incorporate them to the above mixture, cooking until it solidifies. Strain over the chopped chocolate and emulsify. Place cling film directly onto it and let stand at 4ºC for 12 hours.

chocolate and violet ice cream core

      • 675 g milk
      • 65 g sugar
      • 90 g inverted sugar
      • 30 g cream
      • 170 g Manjari chocolate
      • 5 g glycerin
      • 5 g stabilizer
      • 12 g violet paste

Heat all ingredients to 70 ºC except the chocolate, which is added at 50º C. Let it stand for 24 hours and churn.

dry cocoa cake

      • 165 g egg whites
      • 137 g sugar
      • 190 g praline
      • 20 g flour
      • 20 g cocoa powder

Beat the egg whites and add sugar halfway through. Once stiff, add sifted cocoa powder and praline. Spread on a tray and bake at 160 ° C for 20 minutes.

brightening coating

      • 150 g cream
      • 150 g water
      • 150 g sugar
      • 75 g milk
      • 50 g cocoa
      • 3 sheets of gelatin

Boil the liquids with the sugar. Add cocoa, then the previously hydrated and drained gelatin. Mix well.


On the cake, arrange the ice cream core and on top, the crémeux. Glaze and decorate with violet Maldon salt crystals.

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