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Ready-to-fill bases by Masdeu

Ready-to-fill bases by Masdeu

In developing its products Masdeu seeks a balance between the traditional manufacturing methods that have been passed from generation to generation since its foundation in 1925 and the current manufacturing processes by applying innovative manufacturing techniques.

All this process is done being especially careful in the selection of raw materials, to offer an exquisite food base with a distinguished and elegant texture, flavor and color, unique to each product.
Among the products offered by Masdeu are neutral bases as mini cones with different flavors (spinach, tomato, curry, neutral, coal, etc.), vol-au-vent and tarts; and sweet bases like mini cones, tulips, tarts, macarons and products made of choux dough and sponge cakes.
These are high quality products that seeks to emphasize the ultimate taste the chef, be it professional or amateur, has decided to create.
The opening of this office in Japan strength Masdeu presence in the Asian market, a major consumer of products produced by the company both among professionals in the hotel and catering industry, and among creative cooking enthusiasts who want to surprise their guests at home.
Masdeu is currently working to open market in the three lines of business in which they operate: Food Service, Retail and Cash&Carry and so far, they are getting good results.

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