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Patrice Demers

Patrice Demers

With what seems to be a chef’s sensitivity, concerned with praising seasonal products and letting them shine on their own, without the need to mask their flavor in an overdose of fats and sugar, Patrice Demers is one of the most popular and renowned pastry chefs in Canada. He has already informed us that his landing in the world of pastry was something unexpected, but that, especially after reading the book “Plaisirs Sucrés” by Pierre Hermé, he has not done anything but grow throughout a career that has gone through some of the best restaurants in Montreal and has led to the establishment of Patrice Patissier, a place where you can enjoy a good meal, a good wine or, of course, a good dessert.

People appreciate that our pastries are not too sweet, that the offer changes with the seasons and that they can see us working in the kitchen

so good.. magazine #20

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