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Eran Shvartzbard

The Israeli pastry chef Eran Shvartzbard has taken years mixing colors, sweet flavors, aromatic richness and experienced professionalism. His next book falls squarely in that game between French-style patisserie and the wide spectrum of Mediterranean aromas. He, thus, takes advantage of the cross-cultural approaches which the history and location of his country have. In his path are an equally strong local training with a concern for broadening his world view with repeated trips to Europe, to some of the most famous schools and bakeries in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain. This enabled him to open his own pastry boutique ten years ago and to combine this work with intense educational and consulting activity, for the amateur public and for all types of food businesses. This activity has led him to achieve considerable influence in Israel, not only in the strictly professional area but also for the general public, thanks to his appearances on the Israeli version of MasterChef in the third and fourth season of the competition. He also vividly thinks of opening a second store in Tel Aviv in the near future.

It is a matching game that allows him to balance French technique with Mediterranean flavors, local education with European experiences, or professional consulting and shop with classes and television appearances for the general public. All without losing sight of the desire to enjoy the creative and artistic character of the pastry chef, thanks to his cooperation in all kinds of artistic and cultural experiences.

Bio Highlights

Trained at Lenotre (France), Fabbri (Italy), Unifine Dohler (Belgium), Ecole Ferrandi (France) and Valrhona Gourmet (France)

2003 – Arno Baking opening


“The perfect dish: it is important that the base of the dish is a croustillant, a mousse or a crémeux, combined with spices, compote or a soft jelly and, finally, a creative design”
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