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Aleksandr Donskov

Aleksandr Donskov

Located in the southernmost point of Russia, Vladivostok, Aleksandr Donskov has managed to turn his establishment specialized in éclairs, Vspyshka, into one of the main tourist attractions of this port capital. It was not until he turned 28 that this chef discovered his passion for sweet cuisine. His passion and his desire to learn and improve immediately led him to stand out. In the éclair format he finds a kind of pattern of infinite possibilities where he can apply, for example, his training as a designer in all kinds of suggestive signature creations, both visually and in the play of flavors used. In addition to his successful business, Alejsandr Donskov dedicates part of his time to training, another facet of his life that he enjoys the most, especially when it comes to sharing concerns, teachings, and “workaholic” trends with other colleagues.

“The éclair is a pattern for me, and I can perform my ideas through it. I’m sure that this pattern is endless”

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