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Searching for the best croissant

October 27, 2010
Searching for the best croissant
Jaume Cot

Spain’s Best Butter Croissant ContestThe third edition of Spain’s Best Butter Croissant Contest was recently celebrated in Barcelona. This initiative, promoted by the Pastry Guild in Barcelona, encourages all professionals to present their product as a way of finding the perfect croissant. The size, the shape, without horns, the degrees it was cooked in, how crunchy the crust is, its airy and puffy cavities, and of course, flavor are the elements which the panel of judges uses to determine their verdict. Among the judges there are high level professionals.

Mey Hofmann

In this third edition of the contest, the prize went to Hofmann in Barcelona. This pastry boutique is run by German chef Mey Hofmann –who has his own school and one Michelin star restaurant–, and his team, led by pastry chef Eric Ortuño. The reward for this prize is not in the received award, which they can show off to all the customers at their shop, but also the enormous impact in local media. This has, as a consequence, shot up sales for this product. An excellent example of this is happened last Sunday when, after tripling the product, all stock had been sold out by mid-morning.