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PASS121, the Italian collective that highlights restaurant pastry

January 3, 2018
Ana Rodríguez
PASS121, the Italian collective that highlights restaurant pastry

Ten restaurant pastry chefs form the collective PASS121, a name composed by PASS, the acronym for Passione, Alchimia, Scienza, Sogno (Passion, Alchemy, Science, Dreams), and 121, the Celsius degrees that sugar syrup must reach to obtain Italian meringue.

Beppe Allegretta (Unico – Milano), Giuseppe Amato (La Pergola – Rome), Daniele Bonzi (Four Seasons Hotels – Milano), Domenico Di Clemente (Four Seasons Hotels- Firenze), Loretta Fanella (so good #12 – consulting), Luca Lacalamita (so good #11 – Enoteca Pinchiorri – Firenze), Antonino Maresca (consulting), Antonio Montalto (consulting), Mario Peqini (consulting), and Galileo Reposo (Pasticceria Peck – Milano) have come together to give value to the work of restaurant pastry chefs, often only recognized for being the author of the last preparation of a menu, although its area of ​​action covers more preparations. “We want to focus on the skills of pastry chefs, improve restaurant pastry, promote the exchange and growth of its members from public events that facilitate the training of all those who want to dedicate themselves to this profession.”

The first meeting of the collective was held last October in the Agugiaro & Figna experimental laboratory. A meeting, behind closed doors, in which the desire to trace mixed techniques was clear, without the limitations of laboratory production or the hedonistic vision of a master chef.