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New Chocolate Museum in Belgium

November 7, 2014
New Chocolate Museum in Belgium
Fernando Toda

Chocolate continues to play centre stage in all types of initiatives and projects. The most recent is the inauguration of a new and interesting Museum of Chocolate, located in the Belgian municipality of Koekelberg, very close to Brussels.

Specifically, this new museum occupies 900 square metres inside an old chocolate and Victoria biscuits factory, which was built towards the end of the 19th century. As such, the Belgian Chocolate Village has become one of the largest museum spaces dedicated to chocolate in Europe.

The museum tour guides you through the different stages of the chocolate manufacturing process, its uses, history, beneficial qualities, its economy and diversity.

One special section that stands out is the tropical greenhouse, which reproduces the growing conditions of exotic plants such as the cocoa tree, banana trees,  tumeric, and the spices that complement chocolate such as pepper, capsicum, vanilla or ginger.

And of course, the Museum also contains an area dedicated to the sale of chocolate from distinct regions in Belgium, to tastings and to workshops.