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so good #6

Walking along sweet gastronomy

Walking along sweet gastronomy
June 23, 2011
so good #6

So Good..magazine 6 –

We keep touring the sweet gastronomic world onboard So Good.. magazine. A universe without geographical borders inhabited by professionals firmly resolved to raise the level of patisserie, both in restaurants or hotels and in traditional workshops. The aim is to recognize the professional profile of pastry chefs, as well as to give desserts the value they deserve whichever their variation. In this adventure, we find the work of over twenty professionals in this issue, all of them from different origin, like the United States, Italy, Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Spain, France… This current issue is completed with really interesting stories and experiences, such as DessertTruck’s haute patisserie at just five dollars; the Nacional Pure cocoa variety re-discovered after a century; the visit of a hundred pastry chefs to the Cocoa Coast in Brazil; or Yayra’s Glover view of the cocoa business.

From this very moment on, we start working on the forthcoming issue. We set off in search of new stories worth to be told. And, needless to say, we count on your suggestions and collaboration.

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