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so good.. #10

so good #10

October 4, 2013
so good #10

Number of pages: 282


gregoire michaud, taste and shape
miguel sierra, “the corn egg”
joseph baker, a flower bath
ryosuke sugamata, with unconventional techniques
philippe vancayseele, chocolate is beautiful
philippe conticini, the taste of maturity
frank haasnoot, the challenge continues
jérôme de oliveira, ‘it’s not me who decides which product will become a specialty, …’
marc ducobu, belgian and multicultural excellence
javier guillén, back to basic
bobby schaffer, less is more
thomas raquel, thanks for the memories
will goldfarb, why not a new meringue?
christian hümbs, aroma-menu at the boundaries of patisserie
juan pablo cortés, pure, dark forms
yukihiko kawaguchi, designing the melting speed
christian bau, cosmpolitan
gabriele riva, geometry of form and flavor
olivier fernández, customized éclairs
antonio bachour, the “wow” factor
martín lippo, yogurt d’auteur, a new path
talita setyadi, choosing the best
gerhard petzl, baroque chocolate
jordi puigvert, ‘I’ve always been determined to improve and simplify the recipes’
dominique and xavier noel, US pastry competition
mast brothers chocolate, it’s artisanal and it looks like

so good.. #10