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> About so good.. magazine

About so good.. magazine

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as a professional haute pâtisserie magazine. We are people and we are so good!

so good.. magazine is a team of communication professionals united by the passion for good pastry in all its forms and varieties. We publish books and magazines about this wonderful craft.

Rafel Vilà is to blame for everything. He is the founder, the source and the beginning of all this adventure that started back in 1979.
Over the years we were exceeding on the local level to go on to an international level.The culmination of this pro- cess came in 2007 with the launch of a new magazine, which we named so good.. magazine, an idea promoted by our Editor in Chief Carles Barrachina.

The first step in creating a new issue is to compile the contents, contact the chefs, take photos, write, and process. Also searching, selecting, and researching. Lluís Concepción and Fernando Toda, our tireless writers, take part in this phase under the watchful eye of Jaume Cot, chief editor and multimedia content developer. Lisa Shames and Reiko Matsuno send their articles from the United States and Japan, respectively. Alberto Ruiz, our director, has the final say in terms of content.

The article, report or interview is already drafted and photos are selected. Now it’s the design department’s turn, where the person in charge, Xavi Vilà shapes the presentation. Mar Casenave, who is also responsible for designing other magazines for the group, helps with its design.

As nothing is free and everything requires funding, in parallel to the whole process of preparing each magazine, the persuasive advertising department, with Jordi Seguí and Sara Solé provides relevant contact with advertisers, who we take the opportunity to thank for their trust from the beginning.The day-to-day business in this task would not be possible without the participation of Sara Moreno. Carles Barrachina, our Editor in Chief, directs this section.

Now we have our issue of so good.. magazine about to go to be submitted to printing. Joan Martín, our translator, delivers the final texts and recipes before closing. All the work done in six months is enclosed in a computer file, which eventually becomes so good.. magazine, thanks to the excellent work of our printers, Prisma.

When Juan Rodríguez receives the pallets with the printed magazines, the dizzying process of selling and distributing the magazine begins. Lluïsa Tomás, Heidi Rodríguez, Roser Griñó and Isabel Ventura announce the good news to dealers and prepare shipments. Meanwhile our marketing online team, Cristina Guixeras, Ana Rodríguez and Marc Oliva stirs the social networks by informing what is behind the cover of the new so good.. Mª Àngels Carbonell monitors invoices and makes sure all the accounts add up.

And finally, Esther Vilà coordinates all us and maintains the same spirit with which her father Rafel Vilà began 34 years ago alive.

Thanks for allowing us to make a new so good.. a reality. We feel good, so good..Thank you!