Best Magazine Of Haute P√Ętissere

About so good.. magazine

Can you imagine a haute pastry magazine which advocates for the art and craft of pastry, distributed among professionals around the world?

This is the question we asked ourselves in 2008.

The first step was to define in detail what haute pastry was. Our experience publishing Dulcypas magazine for what was three decades at that time gave us a broad vision in this regard, and the necessary experience to recognize those creations that add interest and value to the trade, whether from a technical, aesthetic, or gustatory point of view.

An interest and value that also had to have a universal character, since the objective was to publish a magazine for the Executive Pastry Chef of a large hotel in Dubai, for the pastry chef in a French or Italian workshop, the person in charge of desserts in a signature restaurant in Tokyo or Seoul, and even the person in charge of making the breads and pastries of a New York or London bakery.

Thus was born so good.. magazine, a biannual publication that is difficult to classify. For many, it is the best pastry magazine in the world, for others it is more like a book, and for almost everyone it is a showcase that places the pastry chef at the top of the gastronomic ladder and which, issue after issue, demonstrates that sweet creations can be as, or even more, exclusive and valuable than savory ones.

A magazine that is directed from Barcelona, with correspondents in Tokyo, Paris, Chicago, and Florida, which is printed and bound in the city with PEFC certified, chlorine-free paper from protected forests, therefore it is produced locally and responsibly, distributed around the world through our extensive network of distributors.

Can you imagine that?