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Women who have succeeded as pastry chefs

Marike Van Beurden

“I like light, not too sweet, interesting flavors, something that boosts you even at the end of a long dinner.”More info

Melissa Coppel

She is bringing back more creative freedom into chocolate making.More info

Janice Wong

Half pastry chef, half artist, she conceives the dessert plate as a small canvas.More info

Anna Polyviou

Elegance, technical perfection and a desire to enjoy herself are among the gifts that the Australian pastry chef brings to her workMore info

Louisa Ho

The Institution of Chinese PâtisserieMore info

Jialin Tian

NASA Engineer and passionate about patisserie, she is known for her studies on the macaron and the pâte à chouxMore info

Claire Damon

Leading Des Gateaux et du pain in Paris, she develops pastry that combines elegance, emotion and sensitivity to unique results.More info

Kirsten Tibballs

One of the greatest bastions of patisserie in Australia, director of the Savour School in Melbourne.More info

En-Ming Hsu

World champion in Lyon 2001. Professor at the prestigious French Pastry School in Chicago.More info