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The most important Spanish pastry chefs.

Josean Alija

Josean defines his desserts, just as he does the rest of his cuisine, with the term “Muina”.More info

Jordi Puigvert

While maintaining a profound respect for tradition, Jordi Puigvert has developed some interesting technical improvements in the art of pastry.More info

Oriol Balaguer

A Master of chocolate and one of the current pioneers who is reenvisioning the world of desserts.More info

Jordi Bordas

Winner of the Pastry World Cup in Lyon in 2011, he runs his family business in Viladecans (Barcelona) and develops work as a consultant.More info

Jacob Torreblanca

Son of master Paco Torreblanca and heir to great skill and sensitivity that he shows day-to- day in the creations of the pastry shop,More info

José Luis Martínez Armario

Leading Dulcemanía in Madrid, this experienced pastry chef is a strong supporter of sweet tapasMore info

Javier Guillén

One of Spain’s most creative chefs, settled in Brazil.More info

Miguel Sierra

Multidisciplinary chef who reaches pastry through savory cuisine. Spain’s champion in 2001. Inexhaustible source of creativity.More info

Jordi Pujol

Spain’s Best Pastry Chef in 1995, he has aimed his career at teaching as a professor at the Joviat School.More info

Christian Escribà

Owner of the Escribà bakeries in Barcelona and pioneer in the merging of pastry with spectacle and arts.More info