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Spanish Pastry Chefs Archives - Page 3 of 5 - so good.. magazine

The most important Spanish pastry chefs.

David Gil

Albert Adrià’s right hand in the desserts of the restauration group elBarri of BarcelonaMore info

Abel Bravo

Honesty in flavors, modern executionsMore info

Daniel Álvarez

The goldsmith of the puffed and fermented masses.More info

Rafa Delgado

He conceives each dessert as one unique work of art which cannot be serialized.More info

Josep Maria Ribé

Josep Maria Ribé represents creativity from knowledge, demand, professional rigor, and well-done work.More info

Raúl Bernal

Raul Bernal represents fantasy and fun creativity, starting from study and technique.More info

Miquel Guarro

Miquel Guarro inspiration can come from many places: a photograph, a flavor, a sculpture…More info

Josean Alija

Josean defines his desserts, just as he does the rest of his cuisine, with the term “Muina”.More info

Jordi Puigvert

While maintaining a profound respect for tradition, Jordi Puigvert has developed some interesting technical improvements in the art of pastry.More info

Oriol Balaguer

A Master of chocolate and one of the current pioneers who is reenvisioning the world of desserts.More info