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Spanish Pastry Chefs Archives - Page 2 of 5 - so good.. magazine

The most important Spanish pastry chefs.

Elena Pérez

Creativity and delicacy at the service of a dessert menuMore info

Blanca del Noval

The revaluation of wild herbs and culinary discardsMore info

Saray Ruiz

A perfectionist spirit, creative restlessnessMore info

Marta Martín

Innovation based on search, research, and trial and errorMore info

White chocolate and passion fruit roche bonbon by Xavi Donnay

May 20, 2019

Xavi Donnay applies at restaurant Lasarte in Barcelona (Martin Berasategui’s) his pastry vision with special care of small formats, taste for innovation and for Asian ingredientsMore info

Jordi Butrón

Restaurant dessert with its own codesMore info

Xano Saguer

Culinary vanguard also in dessertsMore info

Jose Romero

With a panettone under his arm and pivoting between cuisine and pastryMore info

Xavi Donnay

Delicate and refreshing plate creations and artisanal petit foursMore info

Enric Monzonis

From the kitchen, a renovator of pastryMore info