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Roger van Damme

Traveling the world to get inspiration is his mottoMore info

Anthony Hart

A creative soul by nature with double focusMore info

Natsuko Shoji

Award-winning chef who fuses fashion and art with cooking and pastryMore info

Nicoll Notter

Great family legacy and unstoppable careerMore info

Valentin Mille

Hotel pastry designed to be crowd-pleasers
More info

Andrea Tortora

Thoughtful creativity around the great Italian lievitos
More info

Camila García Elizalde

Perfectionist, emotional, and in search of her own wayMore info

Yohan Ferrant

Modernizer and stylist of the great doughs of bakery and pastries
More info

SG#29. Sustainability, knowledge, 13 new faces, and 11 familiar ones

January 9, 2023 |

You don’t have to be an ecologist and a conservation fanatic to realize that it is necessary to change our practices, habits, and behaviors when it comes to the environment, and even more so when carrying out an activity that is directly nourished by Nature such as pastry makingMore info

So Good #29

January 5, 2023

Lauren V. Haas, Francisco Migoya, Nicolas Dutertre, Nicoll Notter, Natsuko Shoji, Anthony Hart, Camila García Elizalde, Andrea Tortora,  Josep Maria Ribé, Daisuke Mori & Yohei Nakayama, Roger van Damme, Valentin Mille, Cédric Grolet, Ross Sneddon, Otto Tay, Abel Bravo, Michel Willaume & Marc Balaguer, Richard Hawke, Antonio Bachour, Yohan FerrantMore info