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Paco Pérez

Creativity, technique, and marine inspirationMore info

Dimitri Fayard

Mastering the basics to expand creativityMore info

Chong Ko Wai: ‘The more difficult the craft, the more satisfying it is for me’

January 26, 2022 |

Does the pastry chef create? or we rather improvise from the knowledge and experience we have. This is the stimulating point of view of this chef, also known as Bread Pitt in InstagramMore info

Jesús Escalera

Personal and allegorical, his desserts are full of technical detailsMore info

Chong Ko Wai

More than creative, improvise on a broad base of knowledgeMore info

Manuel Bouillet

From France to Asia with a good technical base and innovative styleMore info

Maya Sittisuntorn

Industrial design fundamentals, sweet sensibilityMore info

Mauro Pompili

Argentinian base, European influences, and taking a sweet chance on the Big AppleMore info

Going around creativity (27 times)

January 17, 2022 |

The search for their own style, the need to find alternative ingredients, or dissolving the boundaries between sweet and savory inspire many of the chefs at # sogood27More info

So Good #27

January 10, 2022

Will Goldfarb, Mauro Pompili & Maya Sittisuntorn, Philipe Vancayseele, Luis Amado, Alexis & Manuel Bouillet, Chong Ko Wai, Jesús Escalera, Javier Guillén, Maxime Gilbert, Jiro Tanaka, Fabrice Danniel, Paola Chang, Paco Pérez, Dimitri Fayard, Alexandr Donskov, Francisco Migoya, François Perret, Olivier Fernández, Tanguy Coelis, David Chamorro & Xavi DonnayMore info