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Attila Meinhart

Reinventing naturalnessMore info

Enric Monzonis

From the kitchen, a renovator of pastryMore info

Lior Shtaygman

Local products as protagonistsMore info

Cédric Grolet

Essential on the inside, elaborate on the outside.More info

Yun Eunyoung

The Korean éclairs specialist.More info

Josep Maria Ribé

Josep Maria Ribé represents creativity from knowledge, demand, professional rigor, and well-done work.More info

Emmanuel Ryon

A new perspective of the great classics, with an aesthetic inspired in the eighteenth century.More info

Antonio Bachour

A colorful style attached to vanguard cuisine where floral ingredients are not lacking.More info

Oriol Balaguer

A Master of chocolate and one of the current pioneers who is reenvisioning the world of desserts.More info

Albert Adrià

Creator and promoter of countless projects, among them Tickets, in Barcelona. Creator of the acclaimed book ‘The desserts of El Bulli’.More info