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Masahiko Ozumi

Appearance and flavor go hand in hand in the search for a unique styleMore info

Curtis Duffy

Intellectual challenge with a vocation for proximityMore info

Michel Eyckerman

Chocolate gestures with their own personalityMore info

Ivan Pascual

Chocolate and local produce are his leitmotivMore info

Hiroyuki Emori

Vegetables can always fit well into a dessertMore info

Eric Ortuño

A pastry chef in constant renewalMore info

Albert Daví

Pastry with natural colors and refined shapesMore info

The sweet paradox

January 18, 2021 |

Can you reclaim modern pastry and at the same time do it from a appareantly old-fashioned media as paper magazine? We think we absolutely can and we explain whyMore info

So many (Pastry) stories to tell, and now we have reached issue 25!

January 7, 2021 |

Creativity as a commitment, a tribute to a universal dessert, the latest trends in ingredients, the value of technique but also the importance of commercial success, all the stories told in the latest issue of So good .. magazineMore info

So Good #25

January 7, 2021

Michel Bras, Cédric Grolet, Oriol Balaguer, Emmanuel Ryon, Albert Adrià, Lior Shtaygman, Charisse Dickens, Attila Meinhart, Patrik Szczepański, Enric Monzonis, Albert Daví, Josep Maria Ribé, Julien Dugourd, Raphaël Giot, Vinesh Johny, Masahiko Ozumi, Curtis Duffy, Eric Ortuño, Hiroyuki Emori, Michel Eyckerman, Ángel León & David Chamorro, Ivan Pascual, Eunyoung Yun, Antonio BachourMore info