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Ten creations with berries to surprise your partner on Valentine’s Day

February 13, 2020 |

Strawberries, raspberries, and cherries cannot be absent on Valentine’s Day. Here is our selection for a “red” February 14.More info

Hans Ovando: “We have a school open to the world”

February 4, 2020 |

Bee Chef Pastry School, with courses with students from 7 different countries, is the result of the vast experience that has been acumulated by the chef. More info

David Briand

Non-conformist and competitive spiritMore info

Gabriele Riva: “Less is more speaks of our philosophical approach to pastry making in terms of restraint and honesty”

January 23, 2020 |

It is not just another pastry shop. It is a whole concept that emerges from the dialogue between two pastry chefs – Gabriele Riva and Kanako Sakakura. Both wondered where patisserie was heading and put their concerns on the tableMore info

How much is a cake worth?

January 20, 2020 |

It seems obvious, but the price of any product should always be related to its value. But who or what determines that value? To answer this question we must address two questions, one related to the seller and one relatedMore info

Manual gestures and pastry with a bite reign on our 23rd journey

January 10, 2020 |

Cakes presided over by finely laminated apples and other baked riches run through the latest delivery of the most international pastry leaderMore info

So Good #23

January 9, 2020

Gabriele Riva, David Briand, Paul Kennedy, Hans Ovando, Melissa Coppel, Luciano García, Francisco Migoya, Yusuke Aoki, Bobby Schaffer, Gregory Doyen, Russ Thayer, Vinesh Johny, Jean-Christophe Jeanson, Marco d’Andrea, Michal Wisniewski, Ross Sneddon, Elena Pérez, Will Aghajanian, Leonardo di Carlo, Olivier Fernández, Dinara Kasko, Radix, by Paco Torreblanca.More info

Hans Ovando

Innovative, versatile and teaching skillsMore info

Russ Thayer

Searching for the boundaries of chocolateMore info

Francisco Migoya

Perfect partnership between science and creativityMore info