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Luis Amado

Simple details that change everythingMore info

Guillaume Schopphoven

Changing the perception of the trade with innovative viennoiserie
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Melissa Walnock

The ability to want something and find a way to make it happenMore info

Yann Menguy

He stands out from the rest of Parisian competition with truly unique pastry
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Marta Martín

Innovation based on search, research, and trial and errorMore info

Philippe Givre

Curiosity, great knowledge of the ingredients, and well thought out pastry
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Pieter de Volder: “Less is more. Let what’s inside steal the show!”

July 24, 2019 |

The young Belgian pastry chef of Zuut goes for clean and simple creations on the outside, but which are very powerful flavor-wise on the inside. More info

We like it – So Good 22 is here

July 3, 2019 |

What makes us feel such intense emotions every new So Good? It is the names and surnames of each collaborator, it is the talent that shines on each page of the magazineMore info

So Good #22

July 3, 2019

Pierre Hermé, Lauren V. Haas, Philippe Givre, Yann Menguy, Marta Martín, Pieter de Volder, Guillaume Schoppohoven, Bart de Gans & Maurits van der Vooren, Nicolas Houchet, Luis Amado, Melissa Walnock, Javier Guillén, Saray Ruiz, Graham Mairs, Roberto Cortez, Hideki Kawamura, Antonio Bachour, Nicolas Boussin, Jordan Kahn, Jerome de Oliveira, Julien Alvarez, Quentin Bailly, Etienne Leroy,
Niklesh Sharma, Ramon Morató, Joris Vanhee, Blanca del NovalMore info

Graham Mairs

Developing new collections and series of artistic works that open different pathsMore info