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Ten years of so good, issue 21 is now here

January 8, 2019 |

Yann Couvreur, Ramon Morató, and Davide Comaschi share their latest works and research alongside other chefs who celebrate the tenth anniversary of the magazine with their creativityMore info

So Good #21

January 8, 2019

Kirsten Tibballs, Jiro Tanaka, Johan Martin,Yann Couvreur, Frank Haasnoot, Davide Comaschi, Alexis Bouillet, Juan Contreras, Nicolas Belorgey, Attila Meinhart, Xavi Donnay, Richard Hawke, Pascal de Deyne, Essence, by Espaisucre, Miko Aspiras, Jose Romero, Anna Bolz, Ramon Morató & Anne Cazor, MOF 2018, Wang sen, Jerome FlayoscMore info

Johan Martin

Professor of Bellouet Conseil and education advocate deeply rooted in the reality of a business.More info

Kirsten Tibballs

One of the greatest bastions of patisserie in Australia, director of the Savour School in Melbourne.More info

Frank Haasnoot

World chocolate Masters 2011. Author of ‘Prisma’More info

Ramon Morató

His name means chocolate. His professional book devoted to chocolate is a major reference book worldwide.More info