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Mateu Casañas

Creative and perfectionist, he is part of the trio of great chefs in charge of DisfrutarMore info

Eduard Xatruch

Chef in Disfrutar, where he translates everything learned in elBulliMore info

Oriol Castro

Translates the creative spirit of elBulli to the restaurant DisfrutarMore info

Dinara Kasko

A beautiful cake as well as a beautiful building needs preliminary design.More info

Luciano García

He is the head of pastry training at OTT College.More info

Yun Eunyoung

The Korean éclairs specialist.More info

Rafa Delgado

He conceives each dessert as one unique work of art which cannot be serialized.More info

Josep Maria Ribé

Josep Maria Ribé represents creativity from knowledge, demand, professional rigor, and well-done work.More info

Melissa Coppel

She is bringing back more creative freedom into chocolate making.More info

Gianluca Fusto

Prestigious Italian chocolatier and pastry consultant, known for his careful and minimalist styleMore info