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Junichi Mitsubori. World of Wagashi. Passion in the serenity

January 18, 2017

Discover at So Good #17 a master of Kado (way of confection) or wagashi artist.More info

Josep Maria Ribé

Josep Maria Ribé represents creativity from knowledge, demand, professional rigor, and well-done work.More info

Stephanie Prida

We are so lucky to live where we live and have all the most amazing produce surrounding us.More info

Raúl Bernal

Raul Bernal represents fantasy and fun creativity, starting from study and technique.More info

William Werner

At San Francisco’s Craftsman and Wolves, William Werner pairs pristine seasonal ingredients with classic and modern pastry techniques to create beautiful and delicious pastries.More info

So Good 17. Pleasant, very pleasant work

January 11, 2017 |

Change to continue the same, to be attentive to the most dynamic chefs of the moment, to point out some of the trends that have caught our attention these past few months from all over the world … Presenting the 17th issue of So GoodMore info

so good.. #17

January 11, 2017

Guillaume Mabilleau, Pierre Marcolini, William Werner, Cédric Grolet, Rasmus Kofoed, Søren Selin, Jonathan Kjølhede Berntsen, Rafael Delgado,
Paco & Jacob Torreblanca, Gregory Doyen, Junichi Mitsubori, Luciano García, Ikarus restaurant, Stephanie Prida, Roberto Cortez, Javier Guillén, Darren Purchese, Yun Eun-Young, Daniel Álvarez, Abel Bravo, Gérard Dubois, FOUR in ONE.More info

Darren Purchese

His desserts are, in short, a colorful invitation to open the palate to new experiences.More info

Roberto Cortez

Director of CR8 from LA where he works on new concepts and gastronomic experiencesMore info

Guillaume Mabilleau

MOF pastry chef, he is behind Nuances Gourmandes, a business that provides the sector with all kinds of pastry products.More info