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Philippe Conticini

Philippe Conticini is one of those pastry chefs who have achieved nearly everything.More info

Philippe Vancayseele

Philippe Vancayseele is one of those characters indispensable for any professional sector.More info

Joseph Baker

Responsible for the pastry training program at Le Cordon Bleu in Dallas (Texas).More info

Miguel Sierra

Multidisciplinary chef who reaches pastry through savory cuisine. Spain’s champion in 2001. Inexhaustible source of creativity.More info

so good.. #10

October 4, 2013

gregoire michaud, miguel sierra, joseph baker, ryosuke sugamata, philippe vancayseele, philippe conticini, frank haasnoot, jérôme de oliveira, marc ducobu, javier guillén, bobby schaffer, thomas raquel, will goldfarb, christian hümbs, juan pablo cortés, yukihiko kawaguchi, christian bau, gabriele riva, olivier fernández, antonio bachour, martín lippo, talita setyadi, gerhard petzl, jordi puigvert…More info

Gabriele Riva

Passionate about Asian culture, architect of fresh cakes with minimal processingMore info

Olivier Fernández

He leads the Pastry College of Barcelona (Spain), which he has also promoted until making an international model school of it.More info

Ellyrose, by Frank Haasnoot

August 20, 2013

There is no or very little use in winning a prestigious competition if then one does not have the will and resolution to face the day-by-day challenge. This is not the case of the Dutch chef Frank Haasnoot, brilliant winner of the latest World Chocolate Masters edition, who has not ceased to grow professionally after obtaining the title. Read More

192 reasons

July 16, 2013 |

Ten issues go a long way. Ten issues that have helped us to better understand this wonderful world of haute pâtisserie. so good.. magazine has from the outset counted on the favor, complicity and support of everyone, and we want to give our thanks.

This adventure would not have been possible without the eagerness that collaborators have put in each of the published works, and without the enormous generosity you have shown sharing your recipes, your secrets and your tricks.More info

Juan Pablo Cortés: Mexico, music, architecture and politics

May 13, 2013 |

The next issue of So Good.. magazine is now in the closing stages regarding its contents. At this point, we would like to introduce you one of its main characters, especially identified with chocolate and Mexico. Juan Pablo Cortés stands out thanks to his fine work in the world of cold pastry, chocolate and, above all, the creation of artistic pieces with a great architectural, conceptual background.More info