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The Corn Egg, a “Crème Caramel” by Miguel Sierra

December 19, 2013

Miguel Sierra participated in the “Crème Caramel” challenge in So Good.. #10 with this innovative recipe. As the egg is the key protagonist in this ubiquitous dessert, the pastry chef from Asturias decided to focus on one of the main foods in the feeding of the hen – corn – to reform the recipe with an original blend of flavours and presentation.More info

Marc Ducobu

A member of Relais Desserts, his shop has become one of the most important temples of Belgian chocolate and pâtisserie.More info

Dominique and Xavier Noel. US Pastry Competition

November 8, 2013 |

It is a special competition, full of life. This is why –after 24 editions– the Noel brothers, Xavier and Dominique still feel deeply moved every time the name of a new winner is announced. The US Pastry Competition is, above all, the expression of a community, of a family who live the pastry trade passionately in the United States.More info

Christian Hümbs

He has worked in other prestigious restaurants such as Aqua, in Wolfsburg, or Johann Lafer Stromsburg.More info

Will Goldfarb

Founder of the dessert restaurant Room4Dessert in New York. He lives in Bali, where he has adapted the same spirit of the restaurantMore info

Thomas Raquel

Pastry Chef at the restaurant Acadia in Chicago.More info

Bobby Schaffer

Running his own adventure in Chicago, Lost LarsonMore info

Javier Guillén

One of Spain’s most creative chefs, works among Brazil, France and Spain.More info

Jérôme de Oliveira

Winner of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2009. He runs ‘Intuitions by J’ in Cannes.More info

Frank Haasnoot

World chocolate Masters 2011. Author of ‘Prisma’More info