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French Pastry Chefs Archives - Page 2 of 6 - so good.. magazine

The most influential French professionals of pâtisserie.

Etienne Leroy

Technical precision and desire for improvement are the ingredients of his successMore info

Nicolas Boussin

Rigor, simplicity, and the utmost respect for traditionMore info

Nicolas Houchet

Technical perfection and expressive freedomMore info

Guillaume Schopphoven

Changing the perception of the trade with innovative viennoiserie
More info

Yann Menguy

He stands out from the rest of Parisian competition with truly unique pastry
More info

Philippe Givre

Curiosity, great knowledge of the ingredients, and well thought out pastry
More info

Nicolas Belorgey

Each creation is like a book, it must be attractive from the cover to the last pageMore info

Alexis Bouillet

Vocation as the base for growth and reaching the top in the pastry tradeMore info

Yann Couvreur

His pastry is natural and fresh, and exactly what it looks likeMore info

Jean-François Arnaud

Technical rigor, love for training, and artistic talent define his expertiseMore info