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American Pastry Chefs Archives - Page 3 of 4 - so good.. magazine

A selection of the best sweet professionals in the US.

Jerome Landrieu

Director of the Chocolate Academy in Chicago and one of the pastry references in the USA.More info

Stephanie Prida

We are so lucky to live where we live and have all the most amazing produce surrounding us.More info

William Werner

At San Francisco’s Craftsman and Wolves, William Werner pairs pristine seasonal ingredients with classic and modern pastry techniques to create beautiful and delicious pastries.More info

Antonio Bachour

A colorful style attached to vanguard cuisine where floral ingredients are not lacking.More info

John Kraus

He’s the owner of Patisserie 46, a unique establishment in Minnesota. He belongs to the new generation of the American haute pâtisserie.More info

Roberto Cortez

Director of CR8 from LA where he works on new concepts and gastronomic experiencesMore info

Simon Brégardis

Executive Pastry Chef at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, he works on a French line with the freedom that gives cultural diversity of the United StatesMore info

Will Goldfarb

Founder of the dessert restaurant Room4Dessert in New York. He lives in Bali, where he is in charge of the pastry program at KU DE TA, Seminyak.More info

Thomas Raquel

Pastry Chef at the restaurant Acadia in Chicago.More info

Bobby Schaffer

Running his own adventure in Chicago, Lost LarsonMore info