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Pastry Items & Accessories

Pastry utensils such as molds, knives, trays, parchment paper, boxes, doilies and other items both for the store and the workshop

Mini ChocoFill: when chocolate turns into mignon

Mini ChocoFill: a delicious reintepretation of the traditional mignon.More info

Compressed-air cookie press for solid masses, by dübör

Dübör launches cookie press, a compressed-air cookie press for solid masses like short pastry, choux pastry, macaroon pastry ..More info

Disposable food containers: style and quality for your creations

The ideal solution to eat cakes or appetizers, by MartellatoMore info

New shapes of silicone molds decosil®, by Stefano Laghi

Stefano Laghi designs the shapes of silicone molds decosil® for cakes and open new horizons to the bakery.More info

Macadò: More colours than the rainbow, stronger than a rock!

MACADÒ … the perfect retreat for your macaronsMore info

AMORINI, by silikomart

A new silicone mould perfect to create romantic heart shaped single portions.More info

Easypack, the innovative system created by Alcas

Alcas launches Easypack, the packaging for all kinds of biscuits and chocolates.More info

Cake Liner Sets™, by Chicago Mold School

Chicago Mold School launches the new Cake Liner setsMore info

The new cake stands Sweetable

Pavoni Italia presents the new product line of cake stands Sweetable.More info

The new moulds Multiflex 3D

Silikomart Professional allow you to make the tastiest desserts served on dish, individual portions, …More info