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Pastry Items & Accessories

Pastry utensils such as molds, knives, trays, parchment paper, boxes, doilies and other items both for the store and the workshop

Matfer Bourgeat Spiral Whisk, a great ally in a professional kitchen

With its stainless-steel spiral head, it’s perfect for getting into the curved edges of bowls, pots, and pans for easy mixing of sauces, creams, emulsions and more.More info

De Buyer launches new gourmet pastry tools

Crepepan, perforated baking rings, pressure syringes … the latest releases of the French manufacturer consolidate it as an essential partner for pastry chefs.More info

Alcas’s BioHappy line: compostable and biodegradable

Aware of the concerns current consumer have, this Italian firm has developed a complete range of accessories (spoons, plates, glasses, cups, etc.) which are 100% organic and compostable.More info

Sasa Demarle Flexipan expands

The company continues to help chefs achieve excellence with molds that spark creativity.More info

Cédric Grolet silicone mold kit for Pavoni Italia

Lemon, hazelnut and chestnuts, three of the iconic creations of the pastry chef can now be reproduced in detail thanks to the deal he has established with Pavoni.More info

Pavoni Italia 2019 catalog: new partners and design molds

The world of painting, nature, and architecture have inspired the innovations of the range of thermoformed molds for Christmas and Easter creations.More info

Mela, Ciliegia & Pesca 115: 3D fruit with Silikomart Professional mould

A single and unique solution to realize different kind of individual portionsMore info

MORA&LAMPONE110: the perfection of nature

The perfection of nature, by silikomart professionalMore info