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Pastry Items & Accessories

Pastry utensils such as molds, knives, trays, parchment paper, boxes, doilies and other items both for the store and the workshop

Pavoni Italia 2019 catalog: new partners and design molds

The world of painting, nature, and architecture have inspired the innovations of the range of thermoformed molds for Christmas and Easter creations.More info

Mela, Ciliegia & Pesca 115: 3D fruit with Silikomart Professional mould

A single and unique solution to realize different kind of individual portionsMore info

MORA&LAMPONE110: the perfection of nature

The perfection of nature, by silikomart professionalMore info

Martellato: three moulds, unlimited interpretations

Original, handy and versatile are Martellato products designed for artisan ice-cream makers.More info

Éclair140: a new concept in your laboratory!

Sweet or savoury Éclair in collaboration with the italian pastry chef Luca Montersino.More info

L’Italiano: the new era of ice cream!, by Silikomart professional

The new kit to make ice creams and popsicles on stick.More info