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Unox launches the first Speed Baking Oven - Pastry Tools. Professional Pastry at So Good Magazine

Unox launches the first Speed Baking Oven

Unox presents Bakerlux SPEED.Pro, the first rapid cook oven that has been designed to save space in kitchens thanks to a perfect combination of convection and high speed. “It is the culmination of thousands of hours of research and development that have resulted in the first high-speed convection oven,” says UNOX UK’s Executive Director Garu Nunn.

This company new model, which adapts to a wide variety of places, speeds up cooking times thanks to its triple performance: convection, for an unbeatable external browning; microwave, for rapid internal heating of the product, and conduction, to achieve a crisp  toasting.

Measuring only 0.4 m2, it offers two modes of use: Bake, which is capable of baking up to 27 croissants in just 16 minutes thanks to its two-speed fans and reverse gear, and Speed, which heats up to 4 sandwiches in 75 seconds, always guaranteeing a uniform finish. These two modalities in a single piece of equipment give the possibility of obtaining maximum performance in minimum space, “which is of great importance at a moment like the one we are living currently, where having large spaces is especially important due to the need to maintain distance between each other,” says Nunn.

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