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Pacojet 4, an innovation in user-friendliness, device settings, and design

The company has launched this new device on the occasion of its 30th anniversary.More info

Chocolate World’s 2023 mold collection, adapted to current times

The manufacturer surprises with new faceted shapes and an expansion of the range of one-shot-friendly shapes.More info

Maé Innovation makes cake preparation easy with their Silmaé Easy Pie

This range of molds allows for making sweet and savory recipes without having to roll out the dough. More info

New tabs for efficient and professional cleaning of the Pacojet

In collaboration with a major producer of detergents, tabs have been developed that are specially designed for the cooking system of these kitchen appliances.More info

Chocolate World launches magnetic mold clamps

This accessory is designed for the production of hollow figures, Easter eggs, and other chocolate creations.More info

The Multiplier, a precise and fast desktop pressure former

Ideal for the professional market, it guarantees a rapid batch production of injection mold quality parts in minutesMore info

FOO’D, Pavoni Italia’s molds for the Horeca sector

The brand has conceived this line along with chef Davide Oldani and his team.More info

Mycusini, an interesting domestic Chocolate 3D printer of small dimensions

Easy to use and clean, it has a template library with over 1000 creative objects.More info

Chocado, the new line of chocolate molds from Silikomart Professional

Within this range, made with high quality materials, we find collections signed by Andrey Dubovik, Vincent Guerlais, Kirsten Tibballs, and David Vidal.More info

Innovative Silikomart molds for baked pastry with TPLUS +

The new range is dedicated to travel cakes and viennoiserie.More info

Unox launches the first Speed Baking Oven

With the “Bake” and “Speed” modes, this equipment becomes a versatile and fast tool with excellent cooking quality which hardly takes up space.More info

Mayku Formbox streamlines production and brings ideas to life

With this desktop vacuum former, forms can be created in minutes without software or digital operations.More info

Chocolate Wishes! A new collection of Chocolate World molds

To complete this range, the Belgian manufacturer has created a cardboard display for chocolate shops that want to attract the attention of walk-in customers.More info

MultiFresh Next, Irinox’s new customizable blast chiller

New generation of the emblematic blat chillers range by Irinox with cutting-edge technologyMore info

Valrhona launches a pastry app that includes its Interactive Essentials

With the touch of a button, the new application offers technical expertise and customizable tools for developing recipes for pastry chefs and professional bakers.More info

Matfer Bourgeat Spiral Whisk, a great ally in a professional kitchen

With its stainless-steel spiral head, it’s perfect for getting into the curved edges of bowls, pots, and pans for easy mixing of sauces, creams, emulsions and more.More info

De Buyer launches new gourmet pastry tools

Crepepan, perforated baking rings, pressure syringes … the latest releases of the French manufacturer consolidate it as an essential partner for pastry chefs.More info

Alcas’s BioHappy line: compostable and biodegradable

Aware of the concerns current consumer have, this Italian firm has developed a complete range of accessories (spoons, plates, glasses, cups, etc.) which are 100% organic and compostable.More info

Sasa Demarle Flexipan expands

The company continues to help chefs achieve excellence with molds that spark creativity.More info

Digital, modular, and multifunctional baking with Debag

With its range of pioneering products, the German manufacturer facilitates in-store baking.More info

Cédric Grolet silicone mold kit for Pavoni Italia

Lemon, hazelnut and chestnuts, three of the iconic creations of the pastry chef can now be reproduced in detail thanks to the deal he has established with Pavoni.More info

Pavoni Italia 2019 catalog: new partners and design molds

The world of painting, nature, and architecture have inspired the innovations of the range of thermoformed molds for Christmas and Easter creations.More info

Dosiplus Pro, the highest technology for the right dose

The highest technology for the right dose, by PavoniMore info

Chocotemper TOP-11:  The biggest compact tempering machine

Chocotemper TOP-11  is a tabletop tempering machine with a capacity of 11 Kg, that make it easy to temper chocolate in a professional manner as if using larger machines, but with a space efficient equipment and at lower costs.

Pacojet Junior, focusing on essentials

Pacojet announces the launch of the newest member of their product line: The Pacojet Junior.More info

Mela, Ciliegia & Pesca 115: 3D fruit with Silikomart Professional mould

A single and unique solution to realize different kind of individual portionsMore info

Where There’s Smoke There’s Flavor

The smoking gun pro hand-held smoke infuser, by PolyScienceMore info

MORA&LAMPONE110: the perfection of nature

The perfection of nature, by silikomart professionalMore info

Martellato: three moulds, unlimited interpretations

Original, handy and versatile are Martellato products designed for artisan ice-cream makers.More info

PolyScience introduces the Control °Freak™ Precise Temperature Induction Cooking System

Control °Freak™ Precise Temperature Induction Cooking System. The Most Accurate Induction Cooktop Available.More info

Éclair140: a new concept in your laboratory!

Sweet or savoury Éclair in collaboration with the italian pastry chef Luca Montersino.More info

L’Italiano: the new era of ice cream!, by Silikomart professional

The new kit to make ice creams and popsicles on stick.More info

Mini ChocoFill: when chocolate turns into mignon

Mini ChocoFill: a delicious reintepretation of the traditional mignon.More info

Chocolate melting machines by Martellato: the pastry chef’s secret ingredient

Functionality, performances and compactness are the main strengths of the Meltinchoc. Red, lilac, green or grey: which model would you choose?More info

Refrigerated display cases by OCF, the choice of Christophe Michalak

Refrigerated display cases by OCF, the choice of Christophe Michalak for his first boutikMore info

Compressed-air cookie press for solid masses, by dübör

Dübör launches cookie press, a compressed-air cookie press for solid masses like short pastry, choux pastry, macaroon pastry ..More info

Disposable food containers: style and quality for your creations

The ideal solution to eat cakes or appetizers, by MartellatoMore info

New shapes of silicone molds decosil®, by Stefano Laghi

Stefano Laghi designs the shapes of silicone molds decosil® for cakes and open new horizons to the bakery.More info

Kenwood Cooking Chef

The Kenwood cooking kitchen machine, providing the cook with the greatest possible control.More info

SC 150 GR, the new ultra-compact machine for gelato and frozen yogurt

Gel Matic launches a new machine for gelato and frozen yogurtMore info

Macadò: More colours than the rainbow, stronger than a rock!

MACADÒ … the perfect retreat for your macaronsMore info

AMORINI, by silikomart

A new silicone mould perfect to create romantic heart shaped single portions.More info

Easypack, the innovative system created by Alcas

Alcas launches Easypack, the packaging for all kinds of biscuits and chocolates.More info

Cake Liner Sets™, by Chicago Mold School

Chicago Mold School launches the new Cake Liner setsMore info

The new cake stands Sweetable

Pavoni Italia presents the new product line of cake stands Sweetable.More info

The new moulds Multiflex 3D

Silikomart Professional allow you to make the tastiest desserts served on dish, individual portions, …More info

Eclipse: shape innovation

An original shape by Silikomart.More info

Pavoni Italia, Spraycompact

The new jelly dispenser machine even more compact and performance.More info

The configurator, by Bravo

Build your machine, choose what you need with the new Trittico!More info

Baking trays by Salaet

The new baking trays for pastry and bakeryMore info

Martellato: give elegance and sophistication to your creations!

A line of effect decorations to give elegance and sophistication to your creations!More info

100%Chef: Gastro Tray, expose your products

We are looking forward to learning new techniques, recipes or tricks that involve our products. We shall publish your creations on our website.More info

Mol D’art: Chocolate melter with 12 kg capacity

Perfect chocolates: the result of craftsmanship, the knowledge of chocolate and the art of technology!More info

K24 EVO: the new Bravo chocolate tempering machine

A technological jewel that ensures quality and professionalism, ready and easy to be used for every chocolate products of yours.More info

From Appetizer to Dessert with Trittico® Executive!

The sole multi-function machine for gelato, pastry, chocolate and savory food.More info

Martellato. The dessert and savoury food container become MINI!

Practical, original and functional. The new dessert container.More info

MULTI FRESH®: A new multifunction helper for your kitchen!

The multi-function confectioner’s assistant no-one should be without.More info

ICB Tecnologie. Chocotemper-Top

ICB Tecnologie srl is an italian leading manufacturer of confectionery, chocolate and catering machines.More info

Silicone Sphere Molds

If you have ever tried to make spheres by hand, you will appreciate this set of perfectly shaped sphere molds. More info