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Pastry Equipment & Machinery

Pastry machinery such as ovens, blast chillers, freezers, kneading machines, display cabinets, puff pastry lamination machines, chocolate enrobers, tempering machines… Find out about the latest trends in machinery

Chocolate melting machines by Martellato: the pastry chef’s secret ingredient

Functionality, performances and compactness are the main strengths of the Meltinchoc. Red, lilac, green or grey: which model would you choose?More info

Refrigerated display cases by OCF, the choice of Christophe Michalak

Refrigerated display cases by OCF, the choice of Christophe Michalak for his first boutikMore info

Kenwood Cooking Chef

The Kenwood cooking kitchen machine, providing the cook with the greatest possible control.More info

SC 150 GR, the new ultra-compact machine for gelato and frozen yogurt

Gel Matic launches a new machine for gelato and frozen yogurtMore info

Pavoni Italia, Spraycompact

The new jelly dispenser machine even more compact and performance.More info

The configurator, by Bravo

Build your machine, choose what you need with the new Trittico!More info

Mol D’art: Chocolate melter with 12 kg capacity

Perfect chocolates: the result of craftsmanship, the knowledge of chocolate and the art of technology!More info

K24 EVO: the new Bravo chocolate tempering machine

A technological jewel that ensures quality and professionalism, ready and easy to be used for every chocolate products of yours.More info

From Appetizer to Dessert with Trittico® Executive!

The sole multi-function machine for gelato, pastry, chocolate and savory food.More info

MULTI FRESH®: A new multifunction helper for your kitchen!

The multi-function confectioner’s assistant no-one should be without.More info