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Name of School: Hofmann Culinary School

Brief History: After her apprenticeship in the best schools and kitchens in Europe, the late Mey Hofmann felt the need to share the experiences acquired. That’s where her renowned cooking school emerged in 1983 and, later on, in 1992, the restaurant on Carrer de l’Argenteria, which over the years has gained great prominence and international recognition until being awarded a Michelin Star in 2004.

In 2009, another of her dreams came true, a pastry shop in the emblematic neighborhood of La Ribera, where you can taste desserts and Hofmann specialties. Mey Hofmann dies in 2018 and her daughter Silvia Hofmann takes the challenge of running the whole institution. In 2019 the young pastry chef Miquel Guarro became the current executive pastry chef both for the school and its different locations.

Location: l’Argenteria, 74-78. Barcelona, ​​Spain

Brief description of its pastry program:

  • Pastry chef course (11 months) for people between the ages of 16 and 37 who want to develop the profession of pastry chef based on the quality standards designed by the Hofmann school.
  • Pastry course (11 months) that teaches the most popular traditional and international pastry formulas. Aimed at people who want to start in the sweet world with professional techniques and develop this passion at home or in restaurants.
  • Intensive Pastry Course (7 months) that teaches the tools and knowledge necessary to learn pastry as a professional and make the leap to restauration.
  • Advanced Pastry Course (6 months) to expand knowledge in the treatment of sugar, chocolates, restaurant desserts, savory pastry, ice cream making, etc. Aimed at students who have completed their pastry course and who want to delve into traditional techniques and experience the most modern ones.

Other facilities: A magnificent cloister of expert teachers and chefs, international agreements with the most prestigious institutions and the possibility of practicing in the group’s restaurants.


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