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Divertimenti Cookery School

Divertimenti Cookery School

Name of the school: Divertimenti Cookery School

Year of foundation: 2002

Brief history of the school: Divertimenti was started by Mike and Suzy Schneideman who opened an Aladdin’s cave of cooking equipment on Marylebone Lane in the ’60s. They opened another store in Fulham in the ’80s.
Divertimenti has occupied its current location on Marylebone High Street since 2002, and it was only then that we created a designated cookery school in the building. We have a demonstration kitchen, a back-up kitchen and a kitchen theatre – it’s a really lovely, flexible space.
Our Brompton Road store also has a cookery school space downstairs. Probably the most major change in the company’s history is when Aga bought Divertimenti in 2005 – we now have some absolutely gorgeous Agas at both stores. Since then, both cookery schools have been putting on more and more classes, so what started out as perhaps one class a week has become a really packed schedule of courses, classes and workshops by a really wide range of London-based and international chefs.

33-34 Marylebone High St, London W1 4PT
227-229 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2EP

Brief description of its pastry training program: Tackle any doubts you have about your pastry skills head-on with our two day hands on masterclass, and learn how to make perfect pastry time after time. Sharing our essential tips and techniques, guiding you through a collection of versatile and delicious recipes as we covers shortcrust for a Butternut Squash & Sage Quiche, Parmesan Shortbreads, Puff Pastry for homemade Sausage Rolls, Choux Pastry for Profiteroles, a Suet Pie Crust for individual Chicken & Mushroom Pies, and Sweet Pastry for a luxurious Lemon Tart. Students will make each pastry dough from scratch.

Other facilities: students’ accommodation, work experience, demonstrations, stores, published books… We offer a variety of classes and courses that provide an informative and entertaining framework for our customers including hands-on masterclasses, demonstrations, gastro-tours, ‘growing gourmets’ children’s classes and our exclusive ‘chef’s table’.
We have two stores located in Knightsbridge and Marylebone High Street and one published book: The Divertimenti Cookbook.

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