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Culinary Institute of Barcelona

Culinary Institute of Barcelona

Brief History: CIB is a school that believes that if you do not change, you cannot evolve, and that is precisely what they have been doing with their method since they opened their doors in 2018: teaching people to evolve.

As a culinary institute they prepare their international students to acquire the skills and competences to be able to question, think outside the box, push the boundaries to seek and find new possibilities.

In this school they teach to set, pursue and achieve goals, to dare to make mistakes through creativity, innovation, and looking to the future.

Location: Carrer de Santander 49-51, Barcelona


Brief description of its pastry program:

  • Advanced Pastry and Chocolate Program: the advanced pastry and chocolate program doesn’t teach you how to replicate recipes, it teaches you how to use formulation as a science to create sweet culinary proposals in three months. The core of the program is to respond to the proposed objective and context; boost your creativity as a tool to solve new challenges and innovate in any of the program’s three main blocks: chocolate in all its forms, fine dining desserts and complex pâtisserie.
  • Professional Pastry and Baking Program: it is a program designed to take your first steps in the world of pastry, expand your training as a chef or obtain the basic and practical principles that will allow you to access the dessert, pastry, or professional pastry section in three months. The program has been designed as an evolving educational experience where students discover raw materials, apply the techniques learned and transform the world of creams and fillings, whipped and enriched doughs, mousses, sponge cakes, basic desserts, ice creams and sorbets, cookies, cakes, and chocolates

Other facilities: 

  • Social Hub: open and central space of the CIB whose main function is the intercommunication and active socialization between students and teachers.
  • Active Classroom: a work space with capacity for 64 people with the objective of being a symbiotic tool between the activity, the people, and the context.
  • Photography classroom: for making videos and taking photographs of their dishes or carrying out communication projects.


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