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Chef & Wine / Gastronomicom

Chef & Wine / Gastronomicom

Name of the school: Chef & Wine / Gastronomicom

Year of foundation: 2004

Brief history of the school: The Gastronomicom Institute is an International Culinary Academy created in 2004 by professionals in Gastronomy, French Cooking, French Pastries, Sommelier and Restaurant Management. All of our teachers boast many years of experience at prestigious, high-end Gastronomic Hotel-Restaurants.

Location: Cap d’Agde, FRANCE.

Brief description of its pastry training program: Our pastry program offers a variety of classes. The shortest program runs for 4 weeks and the longest for 1 year. Classes meet for 3 hours each day Monday through Friday and cover breads, viennoiseries, cakes and other desserts, chocolates, and plated desserts with decorations. We also offer an optional 1 week sugar decoration class in which students learn the art of puffed and pulled sugar techniques.

Other facilities: students’ accommodation, work experience, demonstrations, published books…
Students are accommodated in furnished apartments equipped with a small kitchen and outdoor patio. The accommodation is included in the cost of the tuition. The students who attend our classes have varying levels of industry work experience but a prior working knowledge of pastry is not required. We offer a 4 or 6 month internship as a part of some of our programs in order to give students additional experience in pastry.
We are currently working on a recipe book for pastry that is projected to be published in the fall of 2015.

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