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SEP School for European Pastry

SEP School for European Pastry

Name of School: SEP School for European Pastry

Brief History: SEP offers City & Guilds Level 3 certified pastry school. Under the tutelage of Vikas Bagul (India’s Pastry Chef of the Year in 2016) and Anil Rohira (Corporate Pastry Chef – Felchlin, Switzerland), students have the opportunity to discover the secrets of high quality pastry and become complete professionals.

The school sustains that being a pastry chef is like creating a beautiful painting or making music. Therefore, one of its tasks is to provide the necessary tools to learn to combine ingredients, textures, and flavors, without losing sight of the presentation.

Every year, MOFs, World Pastry Champions, and many other distinguished pastry chefs will be as visiting professors pass through the classrooms of the center.

Location: 603 B Kanakia Wall Street, Chakala,
Andheri Kurla Road,
Andheri East. Mumbai 400093

Brief description of its pastry program: SEP offers different programs:

  • Six months diploma in Bakery & Pastry: a course designed for those who want to get a deep understanding of the art of making pastry. The student acquires knowledge to make from cookies to desserts, wedding cakes, tarts, and decorative showpieces.
  • Eggless 6 weeks: specially designed training to cover all aspects of bakery, pastry, and chocolate with extensive practical training and lectures in class. An ideal option for someone who wants to start a career in the industry or aspires to start their own business.
  • Two weeks fundamentals of baking, pastry, and chocolates: basic concepts of baking, pastry, and chocolates to develop basic skills and knowledge from its expert chefs.
  • Short term courses

Other facilities: International facilities, cutting-edge equipment, ideal tools, a creative environment, and precise techniques.


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