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Bishulim – The Israeli Institute of Culinary Arts

Bishulim – The Israeli Institute of Culinary Arts

Name of the school: Bishulim – The Israeli Institute of Culinary Arts

Year of foundation: 1997

Brief history of the school: The school was established in 1997 with the aim of promoting the culinary industry in Israel according to professional standards customary in the worlds gastronomic scene.

Bishulim is now a culinary authority in Israel, a guide for more than 10,000 graduates, who integrate into the restaurant industry and manage leading kitchens.

The school offers professional cooking, pastry and baking courses, from beginners to advanced studies for professionals. Unique learning programs developed by a leading teaching staff, 16 chefs with international experience, knowledge and education.

Thanks to the extensive network of connections and the international recognition in the world, the graduates are entitled to continue their studies while receiving full credit in leading institutions in the world, such as: the Culinary Arts Academy Switzerland, Cordon Bleu and more, in addition to being integrated into the best and most respected restaurants, patisseries and Boulangerie in the world.

Location: Hazerem 10 street, Tel Aviv (Israel)

Brief description of its pastry training program: The school has launched an international pastry program with Bellouet Conseil, the world renowned institute for pastry arts, in which students undergo a week long training session with local French chefs and receive an international diploma.

Bishulim continues hosting leading chefs from around the world for professional masterclasses in Israel, such as Johan Martin, Javier Guillen, Martin Diez, Frank Haasnoot, Christophe Michalak and more.

Other facilities: students’ accommodation, work experience, demonstrations, stores, published books…

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