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Pastry Recipes

There are plenty of pastry recipes, but only a few are sogood. In this section, we show some of the most interesting creations published in our magazine

Plated dessert chocolate with Chai spices by Mark Welker

July 30, 2020

Inspired by India, the pastry chef at Eleven Madison Park restaurant in New York has designed this dessert with a simple appearance and complex elaboration.More info

Lemon-Ginger Financier by Jean-Christophe Jeanson

July 1, 2020

A classic among classics, the financier, which, like any other travel cake, can be consumed at any time and also does not need (or better yet shouldn’t!) be kept in the fridgeMore info

Chocolate truffle with coffee petit four by Marco d’Andrea

May 18, 2020

In the shape of a circle, this dish invites diners to mix all the ingredients in a spoon and savor them simultaneously.More info

Coffee, lemon and rice plated dessert by Rory Macdonald

May 8, 2020

Espresso with lemon zest is a typical Italian drink and what inspired the American pastry chef to create this recipe.More info

Café con leche choux with chocolate and vanilla whipped cream by Stefan Riemer

April 28, 2020

Stefan Riemer, Executive Pastry Chef at the Flavor Lab at Walt Disney World, has been inspired by a Salvador Dali favorite, the Rhino Hat, to create this sweet dessert. Long live art!More info

Yann Duytsche’s Matcha tea and apricot ‘Pionono’ sweet snack

April 24, 2020

With matcha tea, apricot geléé, and yolk, these rolled and tender bites reign in the repertoire of the French chef’s Dolç patisserie and are also the stars in one of the chapters of his latest bookMore info

Fruit of the Forest vegan dessert with black currant and hibiscus by Stefan Riemer

April 23, 2020

The chef was inspired by the trending plant-based approach at Disney to design this dessert that is served at Topolino’s Terrace – Flavors of the Riviera and incorporates ingredients from the Riviera region.More info

Milk Chocolate Earl Grey Caramel Orange entremet by Yusuke Aoki

April 17, 2020

This brilliant Japanese pastry chef performs a unique milk chocolate entremet by piping in a irregular gay the whipped chocolate ganache that covers the entremetMore info

Frozen guava, sea water meringue and black olive plated dessert by Will Aghajanian

April 8, 2020

Cooking in the bubble, isolated from external influences, and you can get as a result personal combinations like this guava plated dessert by the chef in front of The Catbird Seat (Tennessee)More info

‘Macaron’ glacé with gruyere cheese ice cream, blueberries sorbet and génépy by Michaël Perrichon

April 3, 2020

The French Executive pastry chef for the Mandarin Oriental Geneva awakens delicious memories in diners with delicate desserts.More info